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A Map to Volunteer Locations in San Francisco and the Bay Area for November 5, 2011

I have relayed some of my personal volunteer experiences on this blog but it occurred to me that a map or a list alerting my readers to upcoming volunteer events might be helpful and even eye opening. The amount of volunteer events with in the Bay Area on a weekly basis is staggering. There is no way a person could attend all or even most of them in any given month, week or even day. The variety of activities, locations and crowds drawn is a diverse as San Francisco itself.

This makes it hard to keep track of volunteer events. With so many, how do you choose? For me, there are two prime sources I like to refer to stay up on volunteer events. For me, I love nature and I love to work outside. It is this type of work that I personally get the most out of and luckily there is no shortage of these type of events. From creek bank rehabilitation to cultivating native plants to trail maintnance, there is something for everyone. To stay up on these events I rely on the Events Calendar provided by Bay Nature Magazine. Yes, it is true, I also intern for this magazine. And as a duty of my internship I keep this calendar current on a weekly basis; but despite this blatant bias, it is a great resource. Hundreds of events are loaded to the calendar on a weekly basis and you would be hard pressed to find an outdoor volunteer event not listed here. So please check it out. You will be amazed at the wealth of opportunities to join your fellow man in getting your hands dirty and helping out Mother Earth.

Secondly is One Brick. This fantastic organization rounds up volunteers in cities across the country to lend hands for various community based projects. They do not host the events, but rather provide the volunteers for the events. They lure their volunteers in with the appeal of community, interaction and friendships with those who also want to try something fun while helping out. Their events range from golf tournaments to trail work to soup kitchens and always end with some sort of social gathering afterward. Started in San Francisco, their aim is to unite people and help the communities around them.

The map I am providing is a snippet of events which are taking place this Saturday, November 5. It would take hours to list all the events of the coming week and such a list is provided in each of the links to these two event calendars. So please, take a look at the map and the links I have provided and get out there and volunteer. You will feel good about yourself and have a lot of fun in the process.


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