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A Video of Volunteer Work at The German Tourist Club

As I have said before here, every month The German Tourist Club in the hills of Marin County hosts their monthly work days. Members, prospective members and folks who just want to work and get a good free meal with a bunch of nice people show up to put in a few hours of actual work. Not for the weak, the ideals of the club are of pure German origin; hard work and cold beer afterward.

This video shows how volunteering bridges the age gap. As I worked with these two fine folks, we got to know each other rather well. Exploring conversations from communal living, music, the internet, school and that damn camera I kept swinging around.

Many people my age only know the Tourist Club for the parties they host during the summer. But in actuality, the place is a community of people who have a love for nature and cherish hard work and a unique place. I am still not a member, even though I have been going there since I was 3, have exceeded my membership obligations and can claim that my Grandfather helped build the place in the 1930s.


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