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Video of Sutro Stewards Work Day with REI and Bay Area Ridge Trail Council

This was an event that I attended over a month ago and have previously written about, but this is the edited video of the day’s work. The video is my attempt at telling a story with a voice over and no talking head interviews. The idea of the talking head interview did not fit my vision for how I wanted this piece to come across. It wouldn’t have ruined the flow of the video, but it was not the direction I wanted to go.

The Sutro Stewards meet on the first Saturday of every month on Mount Sutro above UCSF Medical Center and their work days are always a great time. With a good group of people, relaxed atmosphere, rewarding work and some social time provided afterward with pizza and a keg of home brewed beer; the events draw a regular crowd and always leave me with a smile and some new friends. The work that gets done often comes with instant thanks, as hikers pass through and offer their praise to the ongoing work and the crew.


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