Will Work For Free
A Blog About My Experiences in Volunteer Work


For this About page I will kep it simple, despite my desire to ramble on and make everything wordier in order to sound more clever and to make my peices longer than they need to be just to feel good about myself; opps, I’m doing it again.

This blog is about my experiences doing volunteer work for various non-profit agencies in San Francisco and some other parts of the Bay Area.  It is not just, well, it is not even a review of what the groups are doing and how well they are doing it; but rather my experiences with the people I meet and the communities that are created.  The mission of each job will vary from peice to peice, while it is the people that stay constant.  Their selfless enjoyment in working toward some greater good, that is what I look forward to seeing and sharing.

Technically, it is for a class…  But don’t let that fool you, I do care.

I am a journalism student at San Francisco State University.  As of now, September of 2011, I am in my final semester of college.  A long journey that started a little later than that of others, but not too late for me.  I was raised in the Bay Area but have done a decent bit of moving around since high school.  Eventually I found my way back to school, thanks to my love of writing and a little bit of not knowing what the hell to do with my self.

Richard Karevoll



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